Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Look at me I'm Sailing!"

Ryan and I just recently went on vacation to the British Virgin Islands. No Grace did not go with us but it was good for us to get away for awhile. We were gone for 2 weeks!! It was wild. We really had such a blast. It was kinda a crazy getting there but it was worth it in the end. We fly into Tortola and that is were the boat picked us up. We were on a 7 day chartered boat. There were a total of nine of us that came from all other. Ryan parents Tamy and Roger (Brenham, TX), Ryan's aunt and uncle Karla and Ken (Austin, TX), Joan and Bill (Houston, TX), and Sheryl (Colorado). Our Captain's name was Jeff and he was the BEST! So many stories so little time! There was also a crew of two great women Kim and Heather! The meals were unbelievable and the company was great! We went to all the islands except for Anegada....but that is another story for anther post. We went scuba diving, snorkling, exploring, shopping, sailing, you name it we did it. It was an experience of a life time. Thanks Karla and Ken!!

Enjoy the pics!!


Ryan's brother had their baby! Her name is Tamy Ellen Metzger. She was born on May 29th.
Everyone is doing great. Of course her sisters Bailey and Aubrey are so excited to be big sisters!

Janie just sent me this pic! So funny!!It was really great getting so see everyone again.