Thursday, February 14, 2008

#1 Giants Fan

Here is Grace in her first Giants tee. I think she looks a lot like Roger did in bright orange. I had to put the leopard bow on the shirt so everyone would know she was a girl. She looks so much like Ryan when he was a baby it is scary. But I think she is starting to show signs of her momma.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Here's a few more pics of our little Gracie. She's such a big girl, sitting up on the couch all by herself. This feat, of course, must be done w/ a parent perimeter set up to watch for projectile Buffetts launching themselves toward Grace. Buffett loves Grace, but she still hasn't gotten used to sharing the couch, or her mom's lap, with her.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Grace is holding herself up well. We recently have started putting her in her "Bumbo". She does pretty well for awhile but doesn't last too long. Ryan and I are hoping soon that we will be able to put her in it and not have to hold her all the time. She is a getting cuter and cuter everyday.

Super Bowl Sunday

Well today is Grace's first Super Bowl. Ryan thinks that the NY Giants are going to win but is really hoping that the Patriot's pull out an undefeated win. I would really like the Patriot's to win, but only because I like Tom Brady. This weekend has been a quite one and that is just what the doctor ordered. I am just now getting over the flu and Grace is getting over a cold as well. We did leave the house yesterday to go run errands but it was nice not to have an agenda.