Friday, April 24, 2009


Yes they did.....Ryan and Lauren, with help from Friends and Family, through me a surprise party. I just can't believe that someone actually pulled one over on me. I really had no idea. Ryan took me to dinner on Friday night and we went to the Nana on the top floor of the Hilton Anatole. We had a incredible view of the city and the food was delicious!! He did he research and he did a good job choosing a restaurant that we would enjoy. Then on Saturday we were supposed to go to dinner at Javier's in Dallas with our friends Andrea/Grant for dinner to celebrate. Her mom was going to babysit Grace and Madison at Andrea's house. So Ryan and I show up promptly at 6:30 just like Andrea said. Grace had her PJ's on and was ready for the evening. Then we got to their house and I rang the doorbell and it took awhile for them to answer. The the door flew open and there stood all my friends and family! It was great! I don't think I really have ever been that surprised before. They really got me. It was so neat how everything was decorated and all the food was amazing!Everyone worked so hard to make it such a special day and really appreciate everyone for all they did!!
Of course I don't have picks but I promise to post both birthday photo's and Easter this weekend!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today is my 30th birthday. Can you believe it!?!? I do feel a little older. I mean I am now officially in the "thirty-something" bracket.I am no longer in my twenty's. I sometimes think I just graduated from college just a couple of years ago, but then Ryan reminds me that it has been 7 years!Crazy how time flys.

Lauren called me first today to wish me Happy Birthday at 6:30am. This was even before Ryan, Grace, and Buffett could tell me.Then of course mom and dad called shortly after. Not doing much tonight for the big day. I have taken the day off from work tomorrow to have a spa day. Ryan is taking me out to dinner on Friday, just the two of us. It is a surprise. I have no idea where we are going. He has kept it a secret for several weeks and everyone knows how hard it is to keep a secret from me. Then on Saturday night we are going to dinner with our friends Andrea and Grant. Andrea's mom is going to watch Grace and her daughter Madison. She is so sweet to watch the girls for us. It should be a fun birthday weekend!I will report back next week on how the weekend goes and hopefully with pictures.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!- O

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It wouldn't be Spring in Texas without the Bluebonnets

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged but life is a constant roller coaster. But I LOVE IT!! There is so much to tell that I really don't think I have time to explain but I will at a later date. Ryan and I (and of course Grace) went to Brenham this past weekend to visit Oma in her new home and to see Tambo and Roges.
These are a few pictures from the weekend. I promise to blog again soon. I promise we are all OK just so busy. Promise to be better about keeping up with current posts.

Oh and Grace is now 16 months old and says about 20 words...her favorite is SHOES!!
Don't figure! I guess she might get that from me....maybe.

Till next time...- Olivia

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grace turns ONE!!!

Hello All,

Sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures of Grace's birthday party. It was so much fun! I can't believe my baby is one already! The party was at Kurt and Michelle's house on Saturday November 8th. Thank you to you both for letting us have it at your lovely home! And it was a costume party (well at least for the kiddos). Oh well Lauren and I dressed up too. I was a ladybug like Grace and Lauren was an Angel! Uncle Julio's catered and it was delicious! We had two cakes. One that Grace's Aunt Lolo got for her with a Monkey! It was precious! She brought it all the way from Austin. I got Grace a cake too that was a two tiered pumpkin cake. Both were awesome! Grace had the best time roaming around the house amongst her friends and in the backyard in the play house. I really think she enjoyed all the action. I think she gets that from her mom, but that's my guess. Thanks to all that helped us celebrate this special day and especially for those who made the long trip to Dallas. Enjoy the photo's!!

My Best,
Olivia, Ryan, and Grace

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Ladybug 'N" Around!!

So it was Grace's first Halloween. And she was the cutest little Ladybug you had every seen. Her costume did not come with antenna's, so I made her some out of a black headband and black fuzzy pipe cleaners. We trick or treated 3 houses in our neighborhood. Our sweet next door neighbor got Grace a silky bear instead of candy. She loved it! We then headed over to our friends house Andrea and Grant. They have a little girl 6 weeks older than Grace named Madison. Grace and Madison both ended up being Ladybugs for Halloween and from the same store! They were so cute together. We ended the night at Ryan's brother's house in Allen. They have 3 little girls. So Grace got to trick or treat with her cousins. It was a busy night but Ryan and I had a really good time. Hope you all had a great Halloween. I just love seeing all the little ones dressed up in costumes!