Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Ladybug 'N" Around!!

So it was Grace's first Halloween. And she was the cutest little Ladybug you had every seen. Her costume did not come with antenna's, so I made her some out of a black headband and black fuzzy pipe cleaners. We trick or treated 3 houses in our neighborhood. Our sweet next door neighbor got Grace a silky bear instead of candy. She loved it! We then headed over to our friends house Andrea and Grant. They have a little girl 6 weeks older than Grace named Madison. Grace and Madison both ended up being Ladybugs for Halloween and from the same store! They were so cute together. We ended the night at Ryan's brother's house in Allen. They have 3 little girls. So Grace got to trick or treat with her cousins. It was a busy night but Ryan and I had a really good time. Hope you all had a great Halloween. I just love seeing all the little ones dressed up in costumes!


Lauren said...

She looks adorale in her costume!! I love the picture of her looking in her pumpkin! Too cute! I can't wait to see her tonight! We are going to have so much fun together tomorrow!!

The Collinsworth's said...

Love the little lady bug! The antenas turned out really cute!! Glad you guys had a good evening.