Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It wouldn't be Spring in Texas without the Bluebonnets

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged but life is a constant roller coaster. But I LOVE IT!! There is so much to tell that I really don't think I have time to explain but I will at a later date. Ryan and I (and of course Grace) went to Brenham this past weekend to visit Oma in her new home and to see Tambo and Roges.
These are a few pictures from the weekend. I promise to blog again soon. I promise we are all OK just so busy. Promise to be better about keeping up with current posts.

Oh and Grace is now 16 months old and says about 20 words...her favorite is SHOES!!
Don't figure! I guess she might get that from me....maybe.

Till next time...- Olivia


Emily said...

How adorable!

EDENS said...

What a cutie. so good to see a pic of her. and of course yall too. hope all is well.

The Sundbeck's said...

I missed the good weather for a family pic and hope they are still pretty this weekend! You all look great and I'm sure you are loving every moment w/ Grace!

Lovey said...

Hi Olivia!

I am so glad you FINALLY decided to start blogging again. I so missed hearing about you guys and seeing those beautiful pics of Grace. I loved talking with you, Lauren and Gigi the other evening. I miss you guys loads. Please give my love to Ryan and Grace and keep blogging. I love watching your precious family grow. love always, Lovey (Kathryn)

Lauren said...

My sweet angel!! Beautiful pictures!! I have the picture of her saved as my desktop background on my computer at work. Love you!!

Kimberly Walton said...

What great pics! I am so glad I got to meet Grace! She's beautiful!