Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today is my 30th birthday. Can you believe it!?!? I do feel a little older. I mean I am now officially in the "thirty-something" bracket.I am no longer in my twenty's. I sometimes think I just graduated from college just a couple of years ago, but then Ryan reminds me that it has been 7 years!Crazy how time flys.

Lauren called me first today to wish me Happy Birthday at 6:30am. This was even before Ryan, Grace, and Buffett could tell me.Then of course mom and dad called shortly after. Not doing much tonight for the big day. I have taken the day off from work tomorrow to have a spa day. Ryan is taking me out to dinner on Friday, just the two of us. It is a surprise. I have no idea where we are going. He has kept it a secret for several weeks and everyone knows how hard it is to keep a secret from me. Then on Saturday night we are going to dinner with our friends Andrea and Grant. Andrea's mom is going to watch Grace and her daughter Madison. She is so sweet to watch the girls for us. It should be a fun birthday weekend!I will report back next week on how the weekend goes and hopefully with pictures.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!- O


Lauren said...

So glad I was the first to wish you Happy Birthday!!!! And here you thought your only surprise was going to be where you and Ryan were going to eat. Hehehe!! I'm so glad you had fun at your party and you were surprised. I love you!!! :)

EDENS said...

happy birthday poodle. sorry i was late. hope you had a great one. we are getting old girl. call me some time so we can chat.

Kimberly Walton said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I need to start writing everyone's b-day down. Yea, 30! I am almost with ya! It was great to see you!

Lovey said...


Happy Belated! So glad to see you back blogging. Love seeing and hearing about your precious family. Our love to everyone! Kathryn